Arvind LifeStyle Brands Limited is the leading lifestyle company in India, offering the widest array of fashion brands in the country. Today we have a ‘future ready’ portfolio of global brands, including Gap, Gant, Nautica and Sephora, Cole Haan, Johntson Murphy which operate in the Bridge to Luxury segment & Arrow, US Polo Association, Aeropostale, The Children’s Place, Ed Hardy, Izod, Hanes, Elle, in the premium segment and Cherokee in the premium value segment of the Indian market.

Our brands are retailed in over 1,300 standalone stores and about 5,000 departmental & multi-brand stores in over 192 cities and towns across India. They are also available online on our proprietary e-commerce platform NNNOW.COM and other third – party online marketplaces.


Arvind LifeStyle Brands wants to efficiently identify; engage and enhance customers’ experience across their physical brands stores. This ability to capture and analyze customer’s prior and current engagements in real time, will open opportunities to understand consumer buying behaviors and leverage them to improve customer experience and increase Customer Life-Time value.

Through this Hackathon, Arvind LifeStyle Brands wants to develop a Data driven ecosystem, which would enable following capabilities –

  1. Intelligent capture and identification of retail customers walking into our stores
  2. Map their prior purchase history with their current activities (both inside and outside our stores)
  3. Integrate above data points for real-time analytics; automated delivery of insights and recommendations, personalized for each customer

This Hackathon would be conducted in two phases:

Phase I - Idea and Approach Submission

Submit a Presentation or any other document that includes:

Solution Summary

  • Problem Description; proposed idea; it's features and importance
  • Is the proposed solution new or based on an existing solution/technology/app/tool?
  • All supporting materials are encouraged - Process Flows/screenshots/samples!

Impact and Applicability

  • Describe the scope of the solution and how it can be applied in real-world scenarios

Return On Investment

  • Potential Sales Revenues
  • Process/Productivity Improvements
  • Cost Savings (ManHours/Rupees)

All the ideas will be screened based on above parameters and the qualified ones will participate in the Round 2

Phase II - Solution Implementation

A 45 Day Hackathon would be conducted from Feb 1st till Mar 15th to produce a working solution. Each team/participant will gain support from subject matter experts from Arvind LifeStyle Brands and relevant data would be provided on request (case-by-case basis) at appropriate time. At the end, participants will pitch their ideas and the working prototype to a panel of judges.


Today's retail landscape is more competitive than ever. Not only are retailers competing with competitors’ stores across town, but now, through online shopping, they are competing with stores all over the world. Still, when asked their preference, customers still prefer to shop in a brick and mortar store – as long as their experience is worth it.

Understanding and making this experience great is the key

20 years ago, we used to say customer service was the most important element. Today, it's not about service; it is about the customer experience in a retailer’s store. A quality, memorable experience happens when all aspects of a retailer’s retail store are working together – from salespeople to policies to cleanliness to merchandising.

Key questions which need answers - for enhancing this customer in-store experience (How?) –

Identify and prioritize key customers entering a store

  • Efficient geographical/ demographical targeting of customers
  • Identify customers before they enter stores
  • Map customer activities/interactions outside stores

Map customer Journey in a store

  • Map various touchpoints within a store
  • Analyze time spent within a store

Identify key customer behaviors

  • Map interactions with Merchandise/Staff and associated sentiment analysis
  • Analysis and improvement in purchase conversion rates



Digital has impacted us in a manner that no other technology had ever been able to do so. Today everything is digital from day one, and with that comes an immense opportunity to leverage two core functions of digital - easy capture and access to humongous volume of data and ability to disseminate information at massive scale. How can you leverage these things to build solutions that can help impro...

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Organizations are on a constant look out for discovering meaningful patterns. Apply analytics to data, to describe, predict, quantify and envision a smart future. Come and help Arvind co-create a state of the art intelligent system in retail industry.


In this era of virtual reality and booming retail commerce across the globe, technology plays a central role in shaping up lifestyle choices across the world. Its an exciting space to see how technology would be an enabler in most ways to provide an affordable and real life like experience when it comes to retail shopping. There is still a long gap between the traditional brick and mortar commerce...

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Internet of Things

A world of devices connected by internet opens up opportunities for us that were previously unthinkable. The fact that devices can now be connected to each other, share data and take intelligent decisions by talking to other devices can disrupt the way we interact with our surroundings, especially in an retail environment. Build applications on Internet of Things that help us improve our experienc...

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Teams that get shortlisted will be invited to present their working solution to the senior management at Arvind Brands Limited. Winners would be selected on multiple factors, including effectiveness and scalability of the solution.

Apart from monetary prizes, this is also a chance to co-create a state of the art intelligent system in retail industry that will change the way retail stores operate and serve customers

Main Prizes
INR 2,00,000
Runners-Up (2)
INR 1,00,000

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